Saturday, 11 August 2012

My e.l.f. lipstick collection :]]

I really love lipstick...alot ;) And I have a few lipsticks...just a few
I have Revlon, 17, NYX, Barry M, Natural Collection and finally e.l.f.
I own 11 of the elf basic line lipsticks, which I believe is almost all of the ones they have at the moment! 
I bought them all myself when they had a deal on! (I bought £15 worth and got a free beauty clutch! DEAL!)
They are surprisingly good for just £1.50 and I love them all!
 I decided that rather than just show you the colour swatches on my arm, I would show you what they look like on my lips. Half an hour and a quite sore pair of lips they are!!  
[Just to say: the colours may not be 100% accurate as my phone might have altered the colours ever so slightly. But you get the idea! Also, be warned, these are close up pictures of my face...><]

 Fantasy: A lovely colour for Autumn, browny-nude. Shiny and slides on easily! 

Charming: Lovely classic pink. Almost 'my lips but better' I guess ;)

 Captivating: A bright orange. Not for the faint hearted!! It is lovely though, and can be worn lightly smudged with lipbalm. Great for summer!

Nostalgic: Nude. This is the only one of the bunch that I probably wouldn't wear alone. I have dry lips and this lipstick definately highlights that fact! Can work when mixed with 'Charming'. 

 Seductive: A beautiful pink that almost has the tiniest hint of peach to it. Lovely colour, very smooth to apply.

Flirtatious: Barbie pink. Still very wearable though because you can wear it lightly as well as full on! Not coming up here as bright as it is!

Gypsy: Blue toned bright pink/purple. Colour really reminds me of 'Jilted' by Urban Decay. Love this lipstick. 

 Sociable: Bright (slightly)blue toned pink. Only one of the bunch that has glitter in, feels a little rough to apply, not as creamy as the others. Still really nice to wear though. (Sorry that the glitter doesn't show up...if I had used flash my skin would've looked more awful :/)

Posh: Beautiful brick red. Really nice, easy red to wear. If you're not super brave, but want to try a red, this could work for you! 

Voodoo: Slightly darker than 'Post', also a very wearable red. Not orange toned.

 Fearless: The name says it all. This an amazing bright red. It is surprisinging wearable, out of all the other bright reds I own it isn't too scary!

Here is the wet-wipe I used in between each lips actually feel quite exfoliated! Maybe I should do this more often ;)

Would you like to see the rest of my lipstick collection? Have you tried the e.l.f. lipsticks and if so what were your thoughts?