Monday, 20 June 2011

Barry M nailpolishes

I have tried alot of nail polishes in my life, and Barry M brand is now my FAVOURITE brand ever!

I have most of the colours now, and have loved every single one :D
This is my collection so far:

 [without flash]

[with flash]

[From left to right:] Navy, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, Mint Green, Blue Moon, Silver, Grey, Mushroom, Berry Ice-cream, Strawberry Ice-cream, Coral, Raspberry, Lemon Ice-cream.

I can probably review most of them from memory, so let me know if you want swatches or reviews of any!

I can HIGHLY recommend them :]]



  1. I'm wearing Strawberry Icecream today but my favourite nail polish ever is Berry Icecream, I have to force myself to wear different colours as I could just wear it every day!
    Really like the look of Lemon Icecream, think I'll get this as it looks lovely for summer. xx

  2. Yes, Lemon Icecream is gorgeous! Its such a lovely summery colour! :D xx

  3. hi! came across your blog through my friend amy's (the girl in the bowler hat).

    i can't believe i'm saying this but i've never actually worn any barry m nail polish. is it really that good? i would normally use rimmel x

  4. Well thank you so much for checking my blog out :]]

    Well, I love the coverage, and the lovely bright colours and the packaging!
    I have used rimmel and well...and really liked it tbh.
    I guess different people look for different things in a nail polish :D
    You should def try it out, just to seee! My first one was the 'turquoise'.


  5. i love Berry Ice-cream! one of my faves (: xx

  6. I LOVE barry m nail polishes too, collecting them all :)


  7. I have yet to try Barry M nail polishes but I've heard a lot of good things about them!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Wow you have a big collection!! Would you say Barry M is the best? I would like to get a lot of nail varnish for Christmas, but I'm not sure who to go for. XxxX