Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Cherry Blossom Nail-art Tutorial

What I used:
Cotton Buds/Q-tips
False Nails
Nail polishes of my choice:
Barry M - Blue Moon
Elf - Innocent
China Glaze - Sunset Sail
Models own Black nail art pen
Bourjois - Blanc Glamour
 Seche Vite topcoat

After making I sure I had 10 nails that all fit, I stuck them to the ends of cotton buds with sellotape, which makes painting them easier. (If you are doing this on your own nails, you can skip this step!)
I made sure that both the thumb nails were stuck to the same cotton bud and so on.

I then painted 2 coats of the light blue (I used Barry M - Blue Moon) and left it do dry completely.

Then I dripped some of both of the the light pinks (Elf - Innocent & China Glaze - Sunset Sail) onto a piece of plastic. 

I used a makeup sponge to lightly dab a mixture of the two over the blue.
This is optional of course, but I like the effect it gave!

When that was completely dry, I used my Black Models own nail art pen to paint the branches. 

Next use a dotting tool (I used a hairpin bent out of shape!!) dipped in the white nailpolish to make the blossoms. I did 4 dots for some of them, and 3 for the other.

  When that was dry, I put on dot (Elf - Innocent) in the middle of each blossom.
I finished with a Seche Vite topcoat!

[I used Nailene 200 full cover nails - Petite Square]
{sorry that some of the pictures are super blurry...I was using my phone camera :P}

Did you enjoy my first tutorial? ;)



  1. This is gorgeous! Really must try it xx

  2. Wow, this turned out fantastic. I have to give it a try sometime :) Great tutorial.



  3. So cute, I really enjoyed it :-)


  4. yes!! They're so cute! Nicely done ;)

  5. These are amazing!! such a good idea and they look professionally done! :) xx

  6. thats beautiful! i might have to try that as an accent nail!

  7. this is so gorgeous, I'm defo going to try this! xxx