Saturday, 7 July 2012

Above knuckle rings

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A couple of months ago I started seeing above knuckle rings popping up on blogs and Youtube videos! I instantly fell in love! I liked the simplicity of them and that they were abit different from normal rings. I then began searching for the perfect ring. I wanted a good quality one that wouldn't turn my finger green and ideally I wanted it to be silver. There were very few around when I started looking, and I did try wearing a topshop toe ring (it was a gold and turquoise swirly ring) above the knuckle of my right ring finger and it was cute for abit but then it broke. :( Then I saw this blog post, and loved the ring ALOT! Even though Laura listed a cheaper alternative, I still wasn't quite ready to pay £20 for a ring. So i began my search again! I typed 'silver knot ring' into etsy and this seller came up. 

I sent him a message asking if it was possible to have it in a size 4.5 and he replied very quickly saying yes. So I ordered it, then and there! It cost about £7.30 and took just over a week to arrive from America. I was absolutely delighted! It fit perfectly and was great quality. 

I also came packaged in this cute box! ^.^

Look how cute it is!?! :-D
 It fits my index or middle finger perfectly and doesn't turn my finger green!!! 

 After owning this ring (and loving it) for about two weeks I put it in my pocket when at a friend's house and it must have fallen I lost it. I was SO gutted! I tried to look for it, and put off repurchasing for about a month.
Then I started looking at above knuckle rings again and found the ones at Wired Jewellery and really liked the wishbone ring. It would have come to about £11.95 and so I decided to hold off on getting it for abit and just repurchase my beloved knot ring. I sent a message to the seller when buying to explain why I was buying the same ring again and he sent back a kind reply saying he would make it quickly and send it the next day.
I received the little parcel 8 days later and opened to to find this little note.

 I didn't fully understand what he meant until I opened the box to find that he had sent two rings!! I was over the moon! I obviously had only paid for one, and received two! Because of this I decided I had to share these rings with you on my blog. You don't come across kindness like this every day and it really touched me :]]
 (and obviously they are also really great rings!!)

Final close up ;)


PS. Sorry for not blogging for ages... :( I was really busy with uni til the end of May (and I have to blog academically for my course :/), then I did my grade 8 singing exam last sunday, so was working on stuff to do with that! I have a few ideas for blog posts, so will try and make sure it isn't so long til the next one!!


  1. Ohh, I love these rings. They look gorgeous!

  2. Yeah! I love it so much. Just adds something to every outfit :D

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  4. I really really love these rings! But i haven't been able to track down any where i live! So annoying. these look beautiful maybe i will order some :)

  5. awwh i love knuckle rings! they are soo gorgeous :) x

  6. omg. the nails looks amazing and your ring, too <3


  7. such a cute ring and what a kind seller!!!!!! indeed, it's so nice when you come across such people ! :)

    & I love your (galaxy?) nails!!!!